Parish of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Welcome to the Parish of Saint Catherine of Alexandria here in Lydiate.

Our Parish comprises the churches of Our Lady’s and St. Gregory the Great, and we’re proud of our two Parish Primary Schools; St. Gregory the Great and St. John Bosco. Our Parish community was established in 2018 under the title of St. Catherine due to the historic presence of the Catholic Community in these parts and directly symbolised in the monument of Saint Catherine’s Chapel.

As a community, we strive to live out the Gospel in our day-to-day lives, inspired by our community celebrations of Mass and other forms of prayer. We believe that it is because He loved us first that we are able to love one another, and so, as an outward-looking community, we see our purpose as we meet Christ in our neighbour and support the local community in whatever ways we can.

Our Lady's alter at Christmas
Saint Gregory's alter at Christmas

We have launched our website early in light of the growing concerns around the outbreak of COVID-19 and the many anxieties that people may be feeling. Conscious of the self-isolation that some people are undertaking, the increased social distancing that we are being asked to accept and the loneliness that many of us may be experiencing, we wanted to use this website as a platform for news, information and an opportunity for people to participate in live celebrations of Mass and other liturgical prayers.

We will be using all types of social media to reach out to everyone across the community. We will keep them updated with relevant information and links for support. You can use the link to access Our Lady's online services.

Parish of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Facebook Page

Stewards for Church Opening

Before we can consider opening our churches - with social distancing and limited numbers - we need volunteers to steward. Stewards will both equip, welcome and then sanitise our churches after mass and other liturgical services. If you are willing, with a phased opening to our churches, to assist in this way, for the long term, please download, complete and email this form to the parish at

Please download or view this Leaflet from the Archdiocese for full details.

Thanks Fr Grant

St Ignatius Deanery - Opening of Churches

The ability to open our churches will be determined by the meeting of the requirement to have sufficient numbers of stewards for each Mass/service. Where churches remain closed, this is due to either: an insufficient number of stewards or clergy shielding; all of which will be monitored and updated when changes occur. It is to be noted that the obligation to Sunday & Holy Days of Obligation is still suspended so, for the time being, we encourage you to come to Mass no more than once a week. This will be to enable everybody to have opportunity to attend Mass. The capacities of individual churches have been determined by the ongoing need for social distancing

List by Area


Holy Rosary [Capacity: 55] Open for Mass from Monday 6th July
Times: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Friday 9.10 am. Wednesday 12noon & 7pm.
Saturday 10am. Sunday 10.30am.


Saint Mary's [Capacity: 36] Open for Mass from Monday 6th July
Times: Monday –Wednesday 9am. Thursday 7pm. Friday 9am.
Saturday 5.30pm. Sunday 9am.


St John the Evangelist Closed until a later date.


Church of Our Lady [Capacity: 44] Open for Mass from Monday 13th July
Times: Mon & Fri, 12noon Sunday 10am also live-streamed.
Subject to sufficient Stewards Live-streamed only Tue, Thurs & Saturday 12 noon.

Church of St Gregory [Capacity: 54] Times to be confirmed, subject to stewarding.


St George's Closed until a later date.


St. Kentigern [Capacity: 24] Open for Sunday Mass [10.30am] from 12th July.


St Annes [Capacity: 60] Open for Mass from Monday 13th July
Times: Mon & Friday 12noon Wednesday Mass live-streamed at 12noon.
Sunday Mass 11am - due to limited numbers please contact the parish office to register for attendance.


St Elizabeth [Capacity: 55] Closed until a later date. Mass live-streamed each day, 9.30am


Many people have been asking how they can make donations to the parish during these months, both as one off donations, donations for mass intentions or regular giving.

We are now able to offer this through an online link and a text messaging service.
Simply follow the appropriate link below. Or text the level of donation you wish to make and it’s purpose.

Many thanks for all your support and your prayers. Be assured of ours.

Fr Grant & James

To make donations with text messages, visit our Donations page.

To make donations online, follow this link: ONLINE DONATIONS